Outlook on Offshore Wind and Hydrogen in Victoria, Australia

Happy to give a presentation at the FIT seminar: Green Hydrogen and Offshore Wind organised as preparation also for the Belgian Economic Mission (BEM) in October 2023 to Australia. 

More information on Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen opportunties in Victroia.

Victoria has all the right elements to build a thriving renewable hydrogen economy

Victoria is uniquely positioned to explore renewable hydrogen as a form of long duration energy storage.  Victoria’s ambitious energy targets are fostering investment and early adoption of renewable hydrogen. Victoria’s hydrogen ecosystem is creating further investment opportunities.

Victoria is spearheading Australia’s offshore wind sector

Offshore wind energy is part of the switch to renewables and is vital in Victoria’s clean energy transition. Victoria has set ambitious targets of offshore generation capacity. Victoria’s offshore wind will complement renewable hydrogen production.

Victoria will be very happy to welcome the particpants of the BEM to Melbourne.